L’Osteria – Cikajang Jakarta

Jalan Ciranjang No.21, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta City
(021) 7269016

Just few minutes from my house, this homey Italian place is offering the real taste of Italian food. Reminds me so much of Torino, also Italian resto in Gunawarman, not far from here. Feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many good restaurants in my neighbourhood. The menu is basic as other Italian’s resto with Pizza and Pasta dominated the choices. But don’t expect Italian taste with Indonesian “influence” aka maybe little bit plain if you like Pizza Hut more 🙂

The atmosphere


The food…

Forget the dish name but its a grilled beef with cheese on top in a bed of rocket leaves and splash balsamic. I asked the beef medium but after tried it, wish I can had it medium well since its still too “raw” for me…


Smoked Salmon Pizza. Taste great and crunchy…


Carbonara Pasta. Taste delicious but the egg yolk taste is too strong for me. Maybe just me since I hate egg yolk in anything..


For coffee, they have Lucaffee in d’house…This Vienna Choco Coffee is a perfect closing..



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