Dessert at E&O (Eastern and Oriental)

Menara Rajawali, Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot#5.1, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
+62 21 29023418 (in front of Oakwood/Loewy, Mega Kuningan)

Open: Mon-Sun, 11am–1am


Black Sticky Rice with Golden Threats, Gingers and Mango Ice Cream. The sticky rice is soft and mixed with cut lychee. The golden threats are like Chinese sweet. While the gingers are out of place for my taste the mango ice cream provide a good sensation mixed with the sticky rice.


Mango tiramisu with pineapple peanut praline and passion fruit ice cream. The tiramisu itself tastes ok but I have to admit that the mango flavor on top is quite refreshing touch. Pineapple peanut praline tastes to sweet for me, but just found out that pineapple and peanut is match made in heaven. The passion fruit ice cream is really sour but refreshing.


Overall, quite unique desserts with good taste. An experience.


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