Marugame Udon – Gandaria City Jakarta




Location: Gandaria City, G Fl Unit M – U

(In front of Lokananta, near Sushi Tei)


It’s semi self service restaurant with a nice atmosphere and reasonable place.

The udon is fresh since they made it in their open kitchen and we can see the whole process there.

So we just select  the udon/rice menu, then pick up in their udon counter. Then choose  tempura’s menu  (if we want), drink,  pay at the cashier at the end and enjoy it. Easy and yummy.








“Mentai Kabatama Udon”.  It’s no-soupy udon with fish eggs, seaweeds, half boiled egg and special sauce.


Sukiyaki Beef Bowl.  Taste average. The udon menus are far superior than rice menus.


On the top: Beef Curry Udon.

On the right: Niku Udon. Hot udon with sukiyaki beef.

On the left: ebi tempura, chili chicken tempura, brocolli tempura and egg tempura


On the right: ebi tempura, Skewered Tofu Rol

On the left: Kakiage (veggies tempura) and fish tempura



Douzo meshiagatte kudasai!


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