Epilogue – Cipete

Jl. Cipete Raya No. 18-19
Jakarta 12410
Telephone: +62-21 7590 2451
The location can be tricky since it little bit hiding from busy road of Cipete Raya, beside Ayam Presto restaurant.
It’s a Joglo house with Javanese ornaments, but actually Epilogue is more French/Indonesia Restaurant.
Even though is so homey, but the foods are very good and very “serious” –  including the price. But what you pay is worth the experiences. It’s a perfect place for intimate meal with friends, family and loved ones.




This is the free tajil for break fasting. The most beautiful free tajil during this Ramadhan.


Appetizer: Baked Mushroom with Ground Beef and Melted Mozarella (55.000)

Meatball on the top of baked mushroom. The meatball is rich in taste and blend perfectly with the mushroom.


This is my favorite: The Fondue.

We choose “Four Cheese Fondue” (350.000); Gruyere, Mozarella, Parmesan, Bries, herbs and white wine with set of bread that you can dip in the fondue. Can be served for 4 pax. It’s beyond good!

Others fondues (and equally good too) are:

1. Fondue Bourgignone (380.000)

Australian tenderloin, cut in chunck, dipped in hot oil, served with salad, potato and sauce.

2. Brie Cheese and Cheddar (350.000) served with set of bread

3. Spinach Cheese Fondue (350.000)


“Polentina Classic Grande Pizza” (95.000)

Mince beef, sirloin, artichoke, mushroom, pepperoni. It’s a thin crust pizza, but the dough taste more like pastry than regular pizza.

Tips: dip the pizza into your cheese fondue for maximal taste 🙂


“Brazillian Indonesian Crispy Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Chili Matah” (90.000)

Roasted chicken with butter rice. What I like about all the food here is all the spices are blended perfectly. So there is no “plain” taste here, everything is rounded taste.


Happy tummy, happy life!


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