Liberte – Jakarta

A chic, cozy and serene “French Brasserie” inside Gallery Lafayette at Pacific Palace Jakarta.



Maybe mostly of the guests here are not ABG, so the atmosphere is so relax and not very noisy. The service is very good and  friendly. Surprisingly, the price is moderate with generous portion.

Complimentary toast with olive oil


Vitamin waters; water with fruit flavors. Very refreshing. One pitcher can be serve for 4 pax.

The server recommended this Raspberry Lime flavor…


Twice cooked herbed poulet chicken wings for appetizer.

That’s why the chicken is so tender and mixed well with herbs, grilled to perfection.


Main course:

Beer bettered butterfish with tartar sauce and honey dijon mustard.  Just found out that honey dijon mustard goes well with the fish rather than tartar sauce.

Usually, I am not a big fans of french fries, but I have to said their fries are so hard to resist…don’t know why..


Beef kebabs with Yoghurt Sauce, served with salad and couscous. Delicious.


Apple turnover for dessert. Heaven. Soft, with the right sweet and sour taste.

Perfect with hot Americano.




Opening Hours : 10 am – late | Phone : +6221 5797 3425

Smoking section is available



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